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S O U N D F A L L S !

THE WARM WINTER SHOW on February 5th SOLD OUT TO A VERY HAPPY AUDIENCE! It featured stories to honor the show’s beginnings … and Byron’s beginnings, featuring Melanie Lamoureux from California. Melanie, a Technological Interventionist, helped Byron “reboot”, so to speak, as she reminded him of his true “inner nature” and empowered him to just say “NO!” to the upheaval that technology can cause in our creative lives.

Melanie Lamoureux, humorist. Photo by Gina Luccia

As the weather cooled everyones’ toes, they gathered for a show that warmed their hearts. On the first Saturday of February they celebrated their 6th annual birthday of the show and the 29th annual birthday of Byron (or is he not a year over 40?). The crowd packed into the upper loft of the farm (one level up from the open floor area). To see the loft:

Denny Redman, Stuart Brune, and Matt Waddington as the 7 Ate 8 band

It was a special evening of open-mic stories about Byron, including some from our dear old friend and technology interventionist, Melanie Lamoureux, now living in California, as she craftily, yet warmly, roasted Byron. All of this, of course, was peppered with music from Denny Redman, Stuart Brune, Matt Waddington as the 7 ate 8 band as well as the new band, Soundbites (Todd Powell, Byron Ricks and Maren Van Nostrand). We were also lucky enough to hear from artist jean mann again.

jean mann, recording, touring, vocal guitarist

Our regularly featured Young Artist spot was filled by Logan Cromarty of Carnation on the violin.

Logan Cromarty, violinist

Just for fun, check out the newsstands and website of the latest Woodinville Weekly/Valley View newspaper for an article about the show by pasting this link into your browser:


Todd Powell teased the crowd from his seat at the keyboard in the all new Soundbites band.

For some great photos of our September show, you might want to check out designer Jules Hughes’ photography, which she so graciously shares with us: Pictures from jules hughes
Our favorite podcaster, John Coates, has posted our shows in their entirety. So if there’s a show you missed since March, 2010, or one you want to hear again, just click here:

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Your friend and host,
Maren Van Nostrand