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April was Claudia Schmidt

The April show was held on the new and grand wooden floor of the barn at the Carnation Tree Farm, featuring Claudia Schmidt (as known from A Prairie Home Companion show), jean mann, Raleigh Wilson, Soundbites (featuring Todd Powell), and other artists, all woven together with the stories of Byron Ricks and Maren Van Nostrand. The Young Artist was Rowan Gallagher of Carnation accompanied by his father, John, and their friend, Kat Koch, on the guitar. The evening began by wrapping up Women’s History Month with the heartbeat of a women’s drum circle led by Lee Grumman, Jules Hughes, Sarah Blum, and Maren, with drummers Carol Olivier, Patti Nelson, Stacy Powell, Linda Jean Shepard, and Kaila and Hannah Russell.

To hear the show in its entirety, listen to John’s recording on


Claudia Schmidt

Claudia Schmidt, internationally-known performer, captivates audiences such as those of A Prairie Home Companion Show, the Winnipeg Music Festival, and others nationally and around the world. This was not a show to miss. Read about her toward the end of this post, and hear her music which was sung by everyone in the barn at the closing of the show: Promising Sky by Claudia Schmidt or visit her online at:

We were blessed again to have jean mann with us, and this time she brought back her partner Bill Corral to help her celebrate her CD release “dream of goats”.

Raleigh Wilson was in high artistic form : Hank Williams Sr (cover) Someday You’ll Call My Name (Recorded on February 21, 2011 using a Flip Video camera. Singer song-writer Raleigh Wilson playing a Martin D-15 in his barn. Carnatlon, Wa)

Directions to the show: Carnation Tree Farm Barn (app. 1 hour east of Seattle) – Google Maps

ON CLAUDIA: If it were the intention of the creator or creators of this universe to perfectly blend together the night sky with moon and stars, it might have been their intention as well to deliver Claudia Schmidt as their messenger of reminder.

To say that Schmidt is simply a performer with a talent to entertain would be a miscarriage of understatement. Schmidt takes her audiences into her world as easily as the child who discovers the endless universes that exist in a cardboard box.

From lying on sandy beaches under an endless barrage of northern lights, to the expected anguish and frustration of spinning tires on cars stuck deep in snow, from the age-old struggle of change between adolescence and adulthood to the observation of sheer idiocy, she leaves it to the imagination of her audience to conjure their own images of her storytelling and song. No interpretation of a Claudia Schmidt song or story is wrong-she invites audiences to tie their associations to her style.

Schmidt weaves her way through her concert in much the same manner as a jester. Interwoven anecdotes, revealing her past and present, bring people to expect a relationship between themselves and memories driven deep with the passage of time. The concert is an endless display of self-realization through humor and longing, leaving audience members yearning to become an integral part of her world.

Having performed on stages across the country, Schmidt has developed the ability to remain fresh. She enjoys her talent to entertain as much as the audience enjoys being entertained.

(Door County Advocate, Wisconsin)

Living traditions podcast radio theater comes alive

The shows continue to grow in significance and meaning as the community takes hold it and of the importance that live performance has in our lives! Get your music from the source, not the screen.

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