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2016-2017 Projects Completed

Savanna Wheeler at Stage 7 Piano Gallery

On Sunday, April 30th,  Savanna Wheeler played a wide variety of her own piano arrangements, from Harry Potter to Beethoven, on one of the best Steinways of the region at the Stage 7 piano gallery in KirklandShe has the ability to absorb the details of practically everything she hears, including complex orchestral music such as the Pokemon theme music, and translate it into beautiful piano music. As her piano teacher, I have enjoyed watching and facilitating her process. It was incredible seeing her share this with the greater community!

The first quarter hour of the show was dedicated to hearing three of my other talented students, including Ava Powell playing one of her compositions, and Elliot Lawrence and Allan Muharsky playing some jazzy upbeat tunes. I also had the privilege to perform in Savanna’s majestic two-piano arrangement of The Legend Comes to Life. It was a f
ree, fun, and all-ages event with kids young and old!


Songs in Rounds

We had a great season of Songs in Rounds, evenings focused on songs that were easy to learn, with short, universally-beautiful phrases. As we progressed, we sang them in rounds in beautiful and straightforward ways. This helped us develop our independent vocal skills and hearing harmonies. We all felt a great overall sense of well-being.

To learn more about Studio Beju, which has a lovely ambiance and great acoustics, or if you have any questions, contact Maren Van Nostrand at

Look forward to seeing you at the next ones!


Community Music Moments…


Soundfalls helped provide yet another opportunity for the community to share music in a fun and creative way! It was the March of the Vegetables, a bit of a crazy name for a parade, but truly an honor to help express our love and respect for the healthy and fertile agricultural riverine system in which we live. We gathered in Duvall on the afternoon of  March 25th, 2017, and, dressed in our artistic costumes and sharing our festive music, walked with hundreds of others down the hill, across mainstreet Duvall, and on to McCormick Park where crowds of people celebrated even more.

It was a truly memorable Saturday for us all, a whimsical, public, non-profit, community event created in order to uplift the spirits of everyone far and wide, and to remind us of the beauty, preciousness, fragility, and sacredness of this valley. It was a way to express togetherness and and show respect for all that grows.


 Valentines Weekend Movie and Music Yoga Weekend

On Saturday evening, February 11th, over a dozen new friends gathered for a cozy, quality movie night at Studio Beju, and we pondered a Song Without Borders…A way to see the musicianship in all of us, the language that binds all humans on earth together in a common language….

This was a meaningful way to spend a Valentines weekend, learning about the heartfelt songs of people from around the world with other people in our community as we pondered “In Search of the Great Song.” (Made by A Song Without Borders Productions.) A fruitful discussion followed the movie, with great contributions from everyone about their relationship to music in their lives. 

The next day was Sunday evening, February 12th, and we enjoyed, Chocolate, Music, and yoga…