Area Venues

Soundfalls artists can be found performing in a variety of venues all over the Northwest, the country, and the world. The quarterly Soundfalls traditional radio podcast show is one grand venue, and the community’s main connection to the artists. There are other opportunities for artists to grow and share their talents as well, and the Soundfalls Institute can help you connect to these, as well as prepare for them, whether it be through group rehearsals, private lessons, or open mics…you name it.

River Winds, Duvall Photo by Todd Powell

The River Winds Band provides a fantastic opportunity for a wide range of talented musicians in a very open and friendly atmosphere. Most members of the band work in professions outside the field of music yet have taken the big step of pulling their instruments out of their closets and giving music another chance in their lives. Many other members are professional musicians who simply play with this group of adults for the joy spending quality time in the tradition of the ensemble. Contact us or the band for the basic training and information you would need to get started in either giving it a try or joining the band outright. Soundfalls specializes in connecting you with the band, or if needed, training you in the drums/percussion (including drums, marimba, and other stick and mallet instruments), or connecting you with the teacher you might need. The ensemble is currently looking for percussionists or pianists willing to play percussion. For more information on the band: