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The Schein and Allan families

The Schein and Allan families

If you wish to help Soundfalls continue its work teaching and performing to the general public in this valley, send your check to Soundfalls, PO Box 982, Carnation, WA 98014. You may also simply contribute online here with your credit card. You need not be subscribed to PayPal to do this. Thank you so very much in advance!


Volunteer positions available

We have volunteer positions available. If you are interested, please email us. We welcome the contribution of your time. Just tell us about you, and we will see what we can do:

Sponsor an Artist

We sometimes invite out of town artists who would appreciate help in costs related to flights or lodging. If you know of a top-notch artist who you’d like to support in this way, or if you have any special connections that would help you fly the artist to us, or who you could somehow provide lodging for, then please please let us know! We would gladly organize a show for that person! Email to get the conversation started!

The loyal team

Soundfalls consists of, and is supported by, a local and regional audience that is growing. This group enjoys coming to shows, listening, cheering, clapping, laughing and hooting every two to three months. Because this group is expanding in size, Soundfalls is able to pay its performers. See the The Team page for the long list of our dedicated group of artists and volunteers.

Grant supported

Soundfalls is currently waiting to hear news about a pending grant that would boost our efforts considerably. We are also in the process of searching for additional organizations and foundations that would be interested in supporting us. If you know of any such group, or individual for that matter, please let us know.

What you can do: Join Soundboard

If you want to help Soundfalls by lending a hand, please send your email address to Maren Van Nostrand at and she will add you to our list. The team would love to meet you!