Recordings and Publications

SOUNDFALLS! features shows and concerts in unique and intimate settings.  The full 2-hour shows recorded since March of 2010 are posted here, and soon to be podcasted and available on iTunes… here:

To hear some compressed, edited versions of our highlighted podcasts, there are a few options. We have a five minute video on Vimeo, just click here:

…and we have our favorite audio recordings on Podbean, just click here : Soundfalls Highlights

One of our latest highlights (soon on iTunes): Raleigh Wilson and Rob Pitre, February 5, 2012


Our first show ever held in the Loft of the Carnation Tree Farm allowed us to explore some new sounds with intimate acoustics. Listen to Maren Van Nostrand singing with Art Peterson on guitar: “Don’t Let Nobody Drag Your Spirits Down” Spring, 2009.

John Coates, Podcaster for Soundfalls! Photo by Maren Van Nostrand

For fun, here is our funky Soundcheck Remix by John Coates, our podcaster, which was made just after a spontaneous recording of conversation in the 100 year-old barn: SFalls John Coates’ Remix 3

Our November 13th, 2010 show contained more performers than ever before! Here are two samples of one of our bands from the show, Gadjo Swing.  Tune in soon to hear the whole show! Listen to: Swing 39* and J’Attendrei* (Soundfalls 11-13-10).

Soundfalls! house concerts bring performers to life within arms reach of your chair.  Hear these four pieces played by Laura Caviani, internationally-known piano jazzer, in Maren’s historic home studio. This live Jazz House Concert (here’s the opening) was dedicated to her niece, Julia Ricks, in celebration of Julia’s 10th birthday (Spring, 2010).

Select “Intro” for the stories (not to be overlooked!), and title for the music of story behind each piece: 1) Intro and Unforgetable, 2) Intro and Dance to Your Daddy, 3) Intro and MaryLouBugaloo. These are from a collection of love songs and lullabies featured in Caviani’s CD In Your Own Sweet Way (Check her out: Laura Caviani – Jazz Pianist and Composer).

Art Peterson, one of our artists who calls Soundfalls his musical home, produces countless original CDs rooted in his experience as a Windam Hill recording artist and nurtured through his life as a designer, sailor, father and loyal friend to many.Hear his composing sounds fall: In My Bag 1; In My Bag 2; In My Bag 3, (Art Peterson, guitar and voice).

Hear this live duet in an old-time Iona-style stone church: Down to the River to Pray, sung by Alethea Myers (guitar) and Maren Van Nostrand. Location: Tolt Congregational UCC, Carnation, Spring, 2010.

(All but the asterisked (*) recordings on this page were captured by John Coates). His website is here.