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Highlights of our Programs 2015-2016

Soundfalls Unplugged: 2016
The Heart of Winter Show — What a wonderful evening it was, on Saturday, December 10th, at Studio Beju in Duvall

Snoqualmie River in Snow – Blue VersionAt the Heart of Winter show on December 10th, we enjoyed a peaceful, and     unplugged, evening of instrumental music and stories about winter’s natural beauty as we gathered inside Studio Beju’s acoustically perfect, art-filled, walls. We sipped cider, relaxed, listened, and took the time we needed out of our busy holiday season to simply enjoy. People came from around the greater regional area.

LocationStudio Beju,15630 Main Street, Duvall, WA 98019
Time: 7:00 – 9:00 pm



The Treasure Hunt of Songs and Stories Show

The crowd at the Vincent Schoolhouse!

Our Treasures in Story and Song Show

This was a fun, laid-back, and largely unplugged show in May of 2016, featuring stories, songs, and images about (and by) some of the more unique people and places of Snoqualmie Valley. We enjoyed music by the ever-popular musicians: Denny Redman and Stuart Brune (from the Poindexters), Michael Hurtenbach (mandolin/concertina player from the Fire Inside celtic band) singing a song written by long-time valley resident BJ Morris, Todd Powell, song writer (on tenor ukulele), and Young Artist Ava Powell (on keyboard). Nature writer Jenn Dean will read! To top it all off, we had 25 minutes before the show to hear George Seccombe and Janice Van Dyke for a pre-show guitar/bass duet. Featured during intermission was a running video of slides of lovely photos of the valley by Janice Van Dyke and Todd Powell. Maren Van Nostrand and Janice Van Dyke also shared story and song about Gertrude, an old woman who didn’t want to move away from her home. All of this was be woven together with stories and song by our star humorist Byron Ricks.



IMG_5443The first year of Harmony Workshops went smoothly. We had a theme or concept which we applied in practice each session. Sitting in circle format, we discussed a musical topic, carried out a few vocalization exercises, and had a harmony lesson (focusing on reading or hearing intervals). In the remaining time, we worked on one or two pieces of written music, which, by the end of the six sessions, had us all singing beautifully together! We also had fun with some jamming and improv. 


Last fall a dozen creative souls gathered up to learn what happens when we simply “play” with sound. Many didn’t consider themselves “musicians”, but learned otherwise. They were all amazed by what happens when you have simple direction and encouragement.

Maren with the Kendang which she bought directly from the maker in Bali. 1998.

Maren with the Kendang which she bought directly from the maker in Bali. 1998.

There were six sessions at Studio Beju in Duvall on Monday evenings, 7-8:30 pm: Sept. 21, Oct. 5, Oct. 19, Nov. 9, Nov. 23, and Dec. 12. The workshops were in circle format and featured an opening performance at each session. We used hand-held instruments, including percussion and drums, and our voices.

Rhythms of our Lives: learned and new

Rhythms of Healing: patterns, vibrations

Sounds of our Lives: awareness, circle of sharing

Sounds of Healing: voice, harmony, pitches, colors

Show Conceptualization: improvisation and brainstorming

Holiday Show

If you have ideas for future workshops, or shows, please contact me: Maren Van Nostrand, 425-466-4594 or maren@soundfalls.org

Old Haunted Schoolhouse Show! 

October 24th, 2015

Vincent Schoolhouse

Vincent Schoolhouse

The Vincent Schoolhouse was the perfect new venue for our quarterly show on October 24th! Located on the lovely and pastoral West Snoqualmie Valley Road, the night came alive with music and stories! It was a relaxing yet fun evening of only the best kind of music: up close, creative, unplugged, and in person. Given that it was one week before Halloween, a few uninhibited souls appeared in their costumes, such as someone who looked like a princess fish, and one of the “Nights who say Ni”. The Seventh Song and Roadside Goatshow Bands were tremendous. George Seccombe and Janice Van Dyke accompanied Maren in a few fun tunes, the audience completely getting wrapped into her sing along on a jazzy pumpkin song. People enjoyed hot apple cider and other delicious treats at the intermission.

IMG_5536 IMG_5520 IMG_5531 IMG_5534 IMG_5538 IMG_5539










2013-2014 was outstanding!

Families Who Love Music, June 2014   To wrap up the school year, Maren’s students created a family show. They invited their parents to play something on stage with them. One mom read poetry to her daughter’s piano composition. Another father sang a mini opera piece accompanied by his son on the piano. Another father played guitar alongside his daughter on the piano. Does talent run in the family? Yes, but even more importantly, so does bravery! This was a show of music and stories from some fantastic kids and their parents! The event was FREE, FUN, open to the public, and the public came!

Master Class in the Studio, March 2014   On a lovely evening in early March, a group of students met in small circle at Maren’s studio to share works-in-progress, and have a heart warming discussion about creativity and practice. If you are interested in participating in one of these, please call Maren. You need not be an enrolled student to participate; you only need to be willing to share something you are working on. 425-466-4594

High Energy Nature Songs with Ken Lonnquist
at the Carnation Tree Farm Barn

Ken Lonnquist, Singer, Guitarist, Songwriter performed on Saturday, June 28th, 7-9 pm at the Carnation Tree Farm Barn. Ken has written “a whole slew of great songs.” — Sing Out! Magazine. Brilliant! Fabulous!l — The Nation. The most astounding thing to happen.”…..The show was great and the audience loved him. The Soundbites band joined in alongside Ken for a chunk of the evening, as well as on their own. They featured some outstanding licks from George Seccombe on the guitar, Stacy Powell on guitar and voice, Todd Powell on keyboard, Byron Ricks on trumpet and drums, and Maren on drum set and voice.

Ken Lonnquist

Questions? Call or email: maren@soundfalls.org or 425-333-6486.

Soundfalls Holiday Sing-Along Beats Cabin Fever in December

Image 1

Lynne Petitjean, Collienne and Mike Becker, Maren, Jeannine Luce, and Shirley Edgerdale-Doolittl

On Saturday, December 7th, 2013, a dozen or so of us friends and acquaintances beat cabin fever by singing holiday carols the old fashioned way and strolling along small-town main street and serenading merchants and shoppers in the fresh winter air! We met at Millers following Carnation’s Tree Lighting Festival, looked over the music, then headed out! We reconvened at Millers after that to warm up, enjoy free desserts and drinks, and continue singing together around the piano. Soundfalls always makes a point of opening up events to sing along opportunities such as this, and we provide the written music as well. Questions? Call or email Maren: maren@soundfalls.org.

Laura Caviani House Concert was Saturday, Oct 12, 2013

ImageNew folks and returning Soundfallers packed the house for a one of a kind private, semi-formal house house concert featuring Laura Caviani in Celebration of her 50th Birthday and a lifetime of Jazz Piano Creativity, on Saturday, October 12, 2013.  Delicious cheeses, desserts and wines were served while guests mingled then enjoyed Laura’s music. Reviews came streaming in afterward:

“I sure did enjoy myself last night.  Your sister is truly a marvel.  I have no idea how a person’s hands and mind can move at that level of speed, complexity, mastery and artistry.  It was delightful to be able to experience her and to sit in her lap, as it were.  Thanks for providing a memorable experience.”

“Thanks for wonderful evening of great music, entertainment, food and comeraderie.  Laura is so talented.  Besides great tunes in my head, walked away with great thougths: “I’ve Got the Awesome Blues”, and “If you think you’re lost, you just haven’t gone far enough.”

“Just wanted to say a big THANK YOU for a wonderful wonderful show in your beautiful home!  Very special indeed!!  We are all so glad we were there!”

Her 2006 CD release Going There enjoyed a long run on the JazzWeek national radio charts. Music critic Bob Protzman described it as “piano trio jazz of the highest order.” Other releases have received such praise as “stunningly fresh” from JazzTimes and “in a word, outstanding” from the Minneapolis Star. In 2010, Caviani was one of five finalists for the International Jazz Piano Competition in Jacksonville, FL. She has performed with many luminaries including Karrin Allyson, Toots Thielemans, Stan Getz, Diane Schuur, Bob Mintzer and Dave Liebman. Laura Caviani was born and raised in Minnesota, where she currently freelances and teaches at St. Olaf and Carleton Colleges. Her numerous projects there include the Pete Whitman X-tet, whose CD Where’s When? received a 4-star review from Downbeat magazine. She holds degrees from both Lawrence University (BM Theory/Composition) and The University of Michigan at Ann Arbor. (MM–Improvisation)  Please visit www.lauracaviani.com

Thank you Jay Pinto, Jenn Dean, and the Poindexters For your GRAND performances on April 27, 2013!

Image 2

Jenn Dean

We brought the valley to life with a great show on April 27th, featuring Jay Pinto, Jenn Dean, and the Poindexters. As the cool April air settled-in that night, we luxuriated in the now-heated performance space of the Carnation Tree Farm’s barn while we listened to the much-loved guitar and voice of Jay Pinto, and listened to Jenn Dean’s experiences coming face to face with the wild Snoqualmie Valley…and world! We also had so much fun tapping our feet to the very cool and laid-back folk sounds of the Poindexters, featuring Denny Redman on vocals and clarinet, Clare Conrad on fiddle, Rick Scheuer on guitar, and Stuart Brune on banjo.

The Poindexters

The Poindexters





Specific Questions? email Maren Van Nostrand:maren@soundfalls.org

More about Jenn Dean
New York-born writer and naturalist (and former actress and stand-up comedian):

Jenn Dean holds an M.F.A. from Bennington Writing Seminars in Literature and Nonfiction, has won a Millay Colony residency, and is a frequent writer-in-residence at Centrum in Port Townsend. Her writing has appeared in Salamander and her interview with the writerJane Brox appeared in the AWP Writer’s Chronicle. In the past ten years she has banded migrating songbirds and Sawwhet Owls, worked as a teacher/naturalist for Massachusetts Audubon, and traveled to Bermuda to study one of the world’s most endangered seabirds. Her columns about Washington State birds have appeared in The River Current News and she has started an informal webcast series on natural science, Live from Washington State!, that shows how our wild spaces, and the creatures within, form and inform the human community. She has lived in or near Carnation, WA for over 6 years.

An inspiring quote from Jay Pinto:
I’ve been writing songs for a long, long time. Early on I put a lot of energy into trying to figure out “the rules” of songwriting. “What’s the RIGHT way?” What I’ve come to believe, mostly through trial and error, is that there are as many ways to write a song as there are songs to write. That whatever Inspires you, whatever process you choose – as long as it ends up in some honest, relatable embodiment of your experience it’s valid and good.

‘Wish I had said it myself! Hope to see you all there! Maren

St. Paddy’s Day Bash on March 16 was lots of fun!


Sno-Valley Tilth and Carnation Farmer’s Market joined forces with Soundfalls for the hosting of the 1st Annual St. Paddy’s Day Bash at the Carnation Tree Farm on Saturday, March 16th. This was a huge success with what appeared to be about 300 folks who came for the Irish activities, authentic Irish food, live acoustic music, and dancing. (There was also beer and whiskey tasting, which made it quite different from our other shows in the past.) People of all ages, many of them kids, flooded both the large open 2nd level dance floor and the upper loft of the barn with festive hats and beads, and tooting on their penny whistles. The Valley of the Moon Fiddlers attracted a crowd of parents and their dancing children, a lovely sight to see. Then at show time we heard beautiful music from Raleigh Wilson and Rob Pitre, Kate and Pat Brougham, and Kate Phillips and Bryan Rust, and then at dance time, many lively jigs and reels for a full hour by the Fire Inside (The Fire Inside as well as.

Janna Treismann, Roger Thoreson, Jackie Norris, Feb '12 Show

Janna Treismann, Roger Thoreson, Jackie Norris, Feb ’12 Show



 jean mann and Kate Phillips were amazing at the FEBRUARY 2nd, 2013 show….!

Jean mann and Kate Phillips were amazing at the 8th Anniversary Soundfalls Show on February 2nd in the LOFT of the Carnation Tree Farm. Jean brought our favorite songs, and her favorite furry friend, Sunny the dog, who sat on a dark blue sweater at her feet and swooned under her melodic lines most of the evening. (They were celebrating their fourth anniversary together).

Kate Phillips

Kate Phillips

Kate Phillips sang with her beautiful voice that night with heartfelt lyrics that wrapped us all up in a kind of trance and transported us into another world (Check her out on MySpace)!

All in all, it was a relaxing evening except for a few moments of suspense when Fruzzy the guinea pig was presented as the representative ground hog of Ground Hog’s day, and everyone held their breath as he indicated with his furry brown nose not only the future weather patterns but also who would win the Super Bowl. And actually, the action and laughter only brought on more delight.

Todd Powell as Abe Lincoln

Todd Powell as Abe Lincoln

Oh, and there was some tension during the shaving of Todd’s mustache as he became Abe Lincoln (with low beard and top hat), our local representation of the all-important Presidents Day approaching!

“Chips off the Street” (Julia Ricks and her friends Ava and Sophie Powell) danced a number accompanied by the Soundbites band members Todd, Stacy, Byron, Maren, their parents, who shared a truly silly, though remarkably creative, moment.

New and regular volunteers were everywhere at the show providing their utmost support. Collienne Becker came as food artist extraordinaire in her second time only at the refreshments table (but certainly not new to the business), and Janice Van Dyke arrived with her camera, a professional to no end (whose photos we are sure to see soon on this very site). George Seccombe, partner of Janice, dedicated his entire evening as on-call soundboard tech as well as provider of relaxing pre-show acoustic guitar.