The Team

The Soundfalls Team is a multi-layered, multi-faceted collection of 60 plus individuals from the valley, region and country who have gathered in phases to create unique, live, performance experiences (see end of page). They are supported by a smaller handful of local volunteers, the Soundboard Team, who show an extra level of  enthusiasm and commitment. They are described below:

Director, Founder, and Co-host: Maren Van Nostrand

Maren Van Nostrand

Maren Van Nostrand

Maren Van Nostrand, musician, teacher, community organizer and environmental planner, grew up in Minnesota and moved to Seattle in 1990.  She and Byron made Carnation their home in 1996. For her entire career, Maren has focused on the preservation and/or creation of cultural and natural community gathering places, and the culture that brings those places to life. Through Soundfalls, Maren captured a nexus of creative talent and untapped energy with acoustically outstanding historic buildings. She seeks out talent for events, then works with the Soundboard Team to lift that talent up through encouragement, interviewing, and creative preparation. She often joins in with performers onstage by harmonizing and playing percussion. Now, over 300 people attend shows regularly throughout the year, including not just shows, but also workshops, shows and parties.  Maren is the chair and organizer of the Soundboard Team.

Humorist and Co-host: Byron Ricks

Byron Ricks, Humorist and co-host

Byron Ricks, nationally published writer, editor, and creative humorist, plays a key role in keeping people entertained as he combines wit and wisdom to help carry Soundfalls events from beginning to end. He develops stories, and sometimes characters, unique to each show, combined with his dulcimer, and sometimes accordion and trumpet. Byron is a member of the Soundboard Team.

Keyboard accompanist, story teller, song writer, and filmmaker: Todd Powell

Todd Powell, Story Teller, Song Writer, Accompanist

Todd Powell is an award-winning writer and a published photographer and artist. He’s been a regular contributor to Soundfalls since the early days and has read stories and essays, arranged and performed songs and sound effects on the keyboard, and provided photographs for the show’s posters. Todd’s stories and songs cover a variety of subjects in the Snoqualmie River Valley—from cow philosophy to noxious weeds to strawberry-patch romances and more. His latest trek is into the realm of video shorts, which, though somewhat revealing, generally meet the Riverview School District guidelines for appropriate length.  Todd is a loyal member of the Soundboard team.

Singer, song-writer, harmonizer, creative support, and design: Stacy Powell


Stacy Powell, Designer, Singer Song-writer

Stacy Powell, professional designer, has been with Soundfalls since its beginning and provides support in a variety of ways, including poster creation, creative ideas, song writing, and harmonizing, to name just some of them. She is writing music prolifically now, and there’s no stopping her!  Stacy is a loyal member of the Soundboard team


Audio Recording Engineer: John Coates


John Coates, Podcaster, Recording Highlights Technician

John Coates ( – Born in Seattle, and then raised as a gypsy courtesy of the US military, John has had careers as writer, content publisher, and IT professional. John went to his first Soundfalls show sometime around 2008 and thought, “someone should be recording this!” – so he has been since March 2010. John does the audio recording, editing and publishing for the Soundfalls podcast on the web, as well as editing shorter ‘Soundfalls Highlights’ episodes. John is also able to provide edited recordings of live performances to Soundfalls artists per request. John doesn’t live in the valley, but he thoroughly enjoys the spirit of togetherness that Soundfalls brings in those magic moments when the sound takes hold of all present. John is a loyal member of the Soundboard Team.

Sound Board Technician and Guitar and Mandolin Accompaniment: George Seccombe

George Seccombe

George Seccombe, Acoustic Guitar and Mandolin, Soundboard Technician

George manages the sound system at our shows, and on occasion will do our recordings. He also performs on guitar and mandolin, accompanying with ease. We are lucky to have him join us, as he has a vast array of experience as performer, recording artist, and teacher of jazz, rock, country and classical music. He has performed literally thousands of times in multiple states and Canada. George is a member of the Soundboard Team.

Photography: Janice Van Dyke

Janice Van Dyke

Janice Van Dyke

Janice Van Dyke manages to capture the best Soundfalls moments through still life photography. You will see many of her photos on this website. She has also been a loyal Soundfalls participant for many years, as vocalist and electric bass player. She is an accomplished photographer with an eye for quality and beauty. Janice is a member of the Soundboard Team.

Stage Manager: Wayne Pair

Wayne Pair

Wayne Pair

Wayne Pair is our latest addition to the  Soundboard, a talent jazz pianist and composer, he has found community in both our workshops and shows. Always enthusiastic to lend a hand or contribute creatively, he’s been an irreplaceable asset to the latest Soundfalls’ efforts.

Concessionnaire: Collienne Becker

Collienne Becker, Concessionaire

Collienne Becker, Concessionaire

Collienne Becker arrived in the nick of time, just as Soundfalls shows were expanding and we needed help managing the increasing demands for food and drink. She helped organize her now-famous homemade chili table for the 2012 Carnation Centennial, and took on concessions at the Feb ’13 show single-handedly. We are lucky to have Collienne working with us; she is a welcomed member of the Soundboard Team.

The Team at Large

Collienne Becker, concessionaire
Rhoda Bezdichek, door and CD sales
Kirsten Berg, performance, theme development, stage help
Heidi Bohan, community coordination
Pat and Kate Brougham
Stuart Brune, performances
Laura Caviani, performance, personal support, inspiration
Dan Carollo, performances
Becky and Martin Chaney, general support, creation, lifting, and music for dance programs
Susan Chamberlin, radio drama scripting, stage set up support
John Coates, podcasting, photography, web development, gear transport, creative support
Clare Conrad, Performer
Andrew, Alison, Feona and Logan Cromarty, performance, stage set up and repair, gear transport, heavy lifting, general support
Denise Crutchfield, website and onsite support
William Clyde Davis, the door and ideas
Jenn Dean, performance and organizational support
Lee Grumman, performances, general support, promotion, and inspiration
Kelly Heintz, support, program development, concessions
Jules Hughes, performance, photography, general support and inspiration
Cathy, Chris and Angel Iacobazzi, performance
David Johnston, performance and ideas
Isabel Jones, story telling, heritage expert, inspiration
Myra Joy and Sweet Moments of Confusion, performance
John Kraft, barn maintenance, prep and care
Simone LaDrumma, “Stand-up Drummer” performance
Julie Mainstone, performance
jean mann, singer song writer, guitar, uke
Alethea Myers, performance, inspiration
Patti Nelson Burdick, support
Jackie Norris, support, theme celebrations
Art Peterson and Deborah Merskey, performances, personal support, inspiration
Kate Phillips, singer songwriter, keyboard
Jay Pinto, performance
Stacy Powell, performance, creative guidance, and concessions
Todd Powell, performance, creative guidance and sound effects
Darlene Rose, performance, orchestra directing
Denny Redman and the 7 ate 8 band, performance, inspiration, and ideas
Rick Scheuen, performance
Claudia Schmidt, performance, personal support, inspiration
The Soundbites Dancers, aka “Chips off the Street”, Sophie and Ava Powell, Julia Ricks
Mark Steudel and the Weavils, performances and donation of PA system
Diana Strong, Sweet Moments of Confusion, performance
Ashley Sullivan, performance, small group organizing
Roger Thorson, sponsorship, inspiration, program support
Janna Treismann, organizational support and number one fan
Mathew Waddington, peformances
Mike, Wendy and Mary Ward, performance, video recording and radio personality
Pete Whitman, performance, personal support, inspiration
Raleigh Wilson, performance, creative support and organizational development

……As the creative process unfolds within this group, individually and mutually, we begin to find more meaning in the poetry and expressions of artists, of all forms, around us.



The following individuals have been very supportive in the past, but have moved on to other projects. We want to make sure they know how much they were appreciated:

Rhoda Bezdicek


Rhoda Bezdicek, Sales and Stories

Rhoda Bezdicek helped organize the creative process of a few shows featuring story tellers, and for many years she ran the table for ticket and CD sales, managed lights, and guarded the door. Thanks, Rhoda!


Denise Crutchfield

Image 119

Carnation Tree Farm. Photo by Janice Van Dyke

As manager of the Carnation Tree Farm, Denise assisted us in many ways as we set up our shows in the barn. She was also very handy with the development of our website and online mail system. Thank you, Denise!


Raleigh Wilson

Raleigh Wilson, Singer Songwriter

Raleigh Wilson, singer songwriter, visionary and Carnation resident, is not shy about expressing the importance of art in the valley, and he practices what he preaches by sharing his paintings and songs with the community. He performed regularly with Soundfalls for many years, and worked with us to conceptualize our direction. He now has a band of his very own and performs throughout the region. Thanks, Raleigh!



Becky and Martin Chaney

Martin and Becky Chaney

Becky and Martin Chaney are very dedicated to supporting the arts in Snoqualmie Valley, and they directed much of that energy toward Soundfalls in our early days. Not only did they contribute their musical talent and creativity onstage and off, but their family foundation awarded us two modest grants. Thank you, Becky and Martin!