Maren hugs Laura right after the House Concert while the audience continues to clap.

Maren hugs Laura right after the House Concert while the audience continues to clap.

The Twin Cities, Minnesota, has a lively jazz scene and Laura Caviani is at the heart of it all. Lucky for us, she’s also gaining momentum out here in the Northwest and visits us frequently, often with a concert or gig for us to enjoy. On October 12 (2013), we hosted her at our house for the first Soundfalls show of the season. Quite a small venue for someone of this caliber–considering she performs at places like the Paramount, The Triple Door, and Tulas in downtown Seattle–but at least 50 people came to this event, and it was a fantastic performance! To quote one of the guests: “Your sister is truly a marvel.  I have no idea how a person’s hands and mind can move at that level of speed, complexity, mastery and artistry.  It was delightful to be able to experience her and to sit in her lap, as it were.  Thanks for providing a memorable experience.”

Laura Caviani writes: Dear friends, family, and colleagues: Many of you may not know of my recent re-discovery of Alec Wilder’s music. John Birge’s interview with me and colleague Gwen Anderson (horn) on MPR brought this point home as we spoke about our mutual love for this great composer. If you’re interested, you can listen to the interview on the link below. It only lasts 15 minutes, and Gwen and I play some of Wilder’s music throughout. — Best, Laura Caviani

“There was no ambition to be famous, no desire to have pieces played by famous orchestras, no secret wish for commissions or prizes or for being “taken up” by prominent art lovers. I simply hoped I could learn to do something well.” — Alec Wilder

I saw Laura perform Mr. Wilder’s music with her trio, as well as “in duet with” Gwen Anderson, a french horn player, at the lovely Bloomington Center for the Arts while a snow storm topped Minnesota, and much of the country, with a foot and a half of snow. This was the third weekend in February. Luckily our car made it through those horizontal winds and diagonal drifts to and from Minneapolis. The most fascinating part of her show for me was experiencing the opening of my mind to the sounds of french horn blending so beautifully under Laura’s hands to the music of Alec Wilder.   — Maren