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Connecting through Tradition


Music, storytelling, and other living traditions

Communities that sing and tell stories together, stay together! Music is a universal language that celebrates diversity, reduces barriers, and strengthens community, building healthier individuals and overall healthier communities. Here are some of the ways you can become involved:


Sign up for a workshop series in which we explore and develop the role of music in our lives and community through the sharing of songs, stories and the playing of instruments.

"Thank you for the tremendous work you do to keep the arts alive in our beautiful valley! It is important work and your passion and excellence shine through the offerings. Humble thanks. With gratitude." - Paige Denison, Duvall, WA


Sign up for one or more private lessons in piano, marimba and snare drum (can include general percussion), or general music and rhythm. We also provide consultations regarding individual or ensemble music and performing arts opportunities. Located in the Historic Barry House of Carnation, in the beautiful Snoqualmie Valley. Other locations for the work are also available!

"Kerensa has accomplished a long held goal....she is one of two drummers in the Redmond Middle School Jazz Band. Thank you, Maren, for introducing her to the drum set...She's very happy and totally motivated to be at school at 6:30am every day! We love you!" - Sue Burrus, Redmond, WA


Join in on the fun of helping us create a performance! Tap into the lively and relevant art forms of collaborating performers! Our shows are a meaningful way to meet artists from near and far, aspiring and seasoned, and work toward creating completely unique events and performances. We can help locate the venue, or provide one. Past performances have been in historic store fronts, barns, houses, gardens, and schoolhouses!  

We are passionate about building community.  If you are curious about our process, we are happy to meet with you for an initial consultation.

Thanks for submitting!

"There has been, and will be, talent born for greatness on your stage. A greatness by the world's standards but more importantly, a personal greatness for the hearts and souls of the performers."  - Jackie Norris, Carnation, WA

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