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There's more to community than meets the eye.


Connecting to Place

Soundfalls leads community projects rooted in local knowledge and culture.


Connecting to Tradition

Soundfalls builds community through music, storytelling, and other living traditions.


About Soundfalls

We tell our own story through bios, videos, podcasts, testimonials, and our blog.

Soundfalls helps people rediscover and celebrate the sometimes hidden yet infinite flow of knowledge and creativity that surfaces when they gather and share in circle.


Our mission: to uplift, illuminate and support people, their living traditions, and the important and often historic places in which they occur, for healthier communities and environments.

Organizing, facilitating and building community since 1988 through:

  • researching and documenting community identity, history, and public resources

  • interviewing and organizing community leaders, artists and interested parties

  • facilitating collaborative discussions, workshops and classes

  • writing plans and reports for private and public agencies and organizations    

  • teaching and coaching 

  • producing and directing events and performances

The Soundfalls Experience has the power to bring meaning to people’s lives, provide context for community decisions, strengthen relationships, and catalyze leaders and artists into carrying out their own missions. 


We welcome inquiries, questions and ideas.

Are you passionate about community and sense of place, and want to be more involved? Whatever it is, whether it’s to help with community history and planning projects or musical events, or simply to discuss ideas and share your talents, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you! Just email connect@soundfalls.org