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About Soundfalls

Our Collaborators 

Join us in finding ways to connect with creators in your own community! Soundfalls is inclusive, ever-changing, adaptive, and loyal. Click here to see whose lives we've touched and who continue to expand their creative reach, performing and sharing the joy of creative community building. 


Building community through collaborative conversation

Soundfalls! Helping people be a part of creation rather than mere observers of it. 

Soundfalls is comprised of a web of dedicated contributors, volunteers and participants who work together to help communities discover, identify, and celebrate important shared historic places and open spaces, and the traditions that take place within them. The Soundfalls Experience taps into the infinite flow of all forms of our varied, yet common, wisdoms. Through collaborative and creative processes, we lift people up out of the categories they feel define them, allowing new relationships within community to form.


The name Soundfalls came from reading and music nights that started in 2006. We grew into the Soundfalls Institute of Live Performance, a community participation performance company. Activities vary in size from private lessons and master classes, to studio collaborations and workshops, to large shows and community celebrations. By 2015, we had involved over four thousand people from around the region (and in some cases from across the country), and had begun holding regular, bi-monthly workshops for people wanting to experience sharing music in community without all the pressures of performance. 

Now Soundfalls is changing again, expanding to include discussions about the future of community resources.

Listen to our podcasts

Many of our live shows and performances have been captured in recordings accessible through this link. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the timeless tradition of storytelling, live music, and you never know what else! That's the joy of community creativity. Each show is different from the next, each performer like no other!

Learn about our founder

Maren Van Nostrand (B.A., M.U.P.) For 30 years, Maren has been working within communities to help them discover, clarify, prioritize, and share their unique traditions, and protect the places in which they occur. The result: healthier communities!


We are passionate about building community.  If you are curious about our process, we are happy to meet with you for an initial consultation.

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