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Soundfalls Collaborators: a virtual springboard!

Updated: Mar 23, 2020

Rather than clicking on Netflix next time you have free time, why don't you click on one of our collaborator's websites below, to see what they have going on. They might just have a performance or community event in your area! Sometimes a supportive community is all a person needs to get their creative work out into the world. That is what we have been providing since 2000, first as a music studio, and then as a very informal and collaborative Praire Home Companion-like show. We've also been hosting family recitals, house concerts, and workshops. You can read more about our beginnings in the "How it All Began" post below.

We can't take all the credit for the success of these artists, but we'd like to say we played a part in boosting them up to the wonderful places they are now!

If you have worked with Soundfalls in the past, and don't see your information here, or you see any changes that need to be made, please let us know. We want to continue to share your creativity in community.

Artists and links (alphabetical order by person's last name):

Singing Bowl Meditations with Geraldine Banes, Laughter Yoga with Randee Young, and other collaborators of the healing arts:

Studio recordings with Steven Bell:

Celtic Guitar and Voice with Dan Carollo:

Open Mics and Great Food (now take out) with Sarah Cassidy and Luke Woodward:

Music events and jams with Becky and Martin Chaney:

Nature writing, humor, and memoir with Jenn Dean:

Writing workshops and readings with Pamela Denchfield:

Community gathering venue with Nancy Colton and Bill Pritchard:

Piano and vocal jazz improvisation instruction and performance with Laura Caviani:

Adventures, trainings and readings with Chris Fagan:

Creative Zoom webinar hosting and health entrepreneur, Blair Fillingham:

Cello performance and instruction with Myra Joy:

Live music with Gerry Kollman:

Supporting arts and culture in Snoqualmie Valley with the Lee Arts Foundation (LAF):

Community Parades and Gatherings with Betsy MacWhinney:

House concerts, ukulele lessons, and more with jean mann:

Live vocal and guitar performance (and face painting!) with Alethea Myers:

Community Jams and Concerts with Joe and Terri Muharsky, and Ryan Vogrenic:

Vocal guitar and keyboard performances by Jesse Oliver:

Music Lessons with Mr. Paul:

Voice and keyboard, and life coaching with Kate Phillips:

Circle Performances and more by Jay Pinto:

Vocal guitarist Stacy Powell, Karen Hovde, Tad Buman and their band:

Original ukulele works live by Todd Powell, Anne and Wayne Pair:

Live bass clarinet, guitar, violin and banjo with Denny Redman, Rick Scheuer, Clare Conrad, and Stuart Brune:

Guitar, mandolin, strings and voice with George Seccombe:

Vocal guitar music by Sophie Theriault:

Photography and jewelry by Janice Van Dyke:

Vocal guitar music by Mary Ward:

Live improv and jazz piano by Savanna Wheeler:

Live band music and open mics with Raleigh Wilson's band:

***You can find many other artists, and healthy and fun activities, in the community by going to the Riverview Resilient community connections page:

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