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Let Our Circles Be Your Blank Canvas in 2023: The Sky's the Limit! 

Next Circle will be in March! Stay tuned! 

Circle hosts:

Maren Van Nostrand and Kylee Gies

Sacred Dwelling

22226 223rd Ave SE

Monroe WA 98272


Although creativity is waiting within our fingertips in any given moment, many of us can't seem to access it! Perhaps we are out of practice, perhaps we need to share it but we are shy. Let us help you express yourself. At Soundfalls, we believe all you need is a supportive sounding board. Our traditional circles help people refine themselves and open up with personal forms of expression, both as individuals and as community members. We are each individual works of art and members of something greater and more beautiful!

How? Click the link below to receive the next invitation to circle. When it's time, simply come as you are, or bring a paragraph, song, tune, poem, painting, or any creation from anywhere as long as it reflects who you are and who you want to be. The sky’s the limit! The circle is open for you. Everyone is welcome. First 20 to register. No previous performance, vocal, artistic, or Soundfalls experience needed. Price: $38-$50 per seat, sliding scale; seniors and teens $25; anyone under 13 free per each paying parent or guardian. No groups larger than four please. Please read the cancellation/refund policy in the registration process.

Circles provide supportive space that has withstood the test of time. It’s a practice–which means it gets better with time–and includes respectful turn-taking, listening, and honoring each other and the center. You do not need to be “good” at this, as the practice itself allows for great variation. We celebrate, but don’t highlight, each other’s differences through pure and thoughtful listening…without the commotion of qualifying questions or applause. You will very likely come away feeling deep interconnectedness and great hopefulness for the New Year! To learn more about the Circle, go to the circle guidelines.

We are very excited to be welcoming Kylee Geis to the Soundfalls team of collaborators! Kylee is a Creative Grief Practitioner and owner of the magnificent yurt at Sacred Dwelling. The architecture and surroundings of the yurt is so perfectly and beautifully conducive to our circle process!


Once you arrive, you’ll be invited to walk a soft 50-yard wood chip path to the gathering place, a brand-new heated yurt under a large canopy of cedars. Along the way, you’ll have a chance to connect with this nearly pristine area, leaving all your worries behind. Once inside, you’ll have a few minutes to enjoy hot tea and snacks while mingling with guests. We'll begin with a welcome at 4:00 pm, then seamlessly share from one person to the next for two or three rounds without the pressures of performance or judgment, applause, or politics. You may have the option to hum or join-in on a simple song or two.

Maren specializes in connecting people with each other and their precious shared spaces for ultimately healthier and more sustainable community living and has done so for over 30 years. She has been a community planner, piano and percussion teacher, and facilitator of sound workshops, traditional circles and shows. She’s excited about her fairly recent experiences with Bobby McFerrin’s Circlesongs in New York and The Circle Way on Whidbey Island, WA, and has performed with many well-known orchestras and choirs. To learn more about Maren, click here.


Hope to see ya there!



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