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Song and Story Circles

Spring, 2020

HOW DOES IT WORK? This is stress-free fun for all ages and backgrounds. An informal, creative process. As we go around the circle, everyone is invited--but not required--to speak or sing. Whenever people gather in circle, observers and participants meld into one. Everyone plays a part, whether they listen or share, and there's no such thing as a mistake. While we enjoy our diversity, we mostly focus on the center--our commonality--not on our personal histories or levels of experience. We arrive free of expectations or agendas, and we raise no politics, promotions, or announcements. No one talks over, or questions, another, and the only requirement is that everyone introduces oneself if possible. Whatever happens was meant to be.


Our Most Recent Event was a Soundfalls Show!

Saturday, May 30th, 7-8:30 pm

On Nature, Resilience and Technology
via ZOOM (free admission), and featured Calliope 

Claims the Heart

Also appearing: Guitar and voice by Sophie Theriault, poetry and guitar by Janice Van Dyke and George Seccombe; reading by Byron Ricks, improvisational piano by Savanna Wheeler.

Brought to you by your longtime Soundfalls hosts, Byron Ricks and Maren Van Nostrand.

Unlike our traditional circle events, like those you saw this past spring and fall (see above), the artists contributing to this show will coordinated with each other ahead of time. That said, there were some awesome audience participation moments!

This show was the outcome of four Soundfalls Circles, two in-person last fall, and two on zoom this spring. They provided opportunities for any and all heartfelt contributions, not all original works of art, but anything the participants loved. They helped us get through trying times, strengthened community (and made new community), and gave us refreshing ways of looking at our common experiences. If you are interested in being a part of these, please email: