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Building community through place and tradition.

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Song and Story Circles

Spring, 2020

HOW DOES IT WORK? This is stress-free fun for all ages and backgrounds. An informal, creative process. As we go around the circle, everyone is invited--but not required--to speak or sing. Whenever people gather in circle, observers and participants meld into one. Everyone plays a part, whether they listen or share, and there's no such thing as a mistake. While we enjoy our diversity, we mostly focus on the center--our commonality--not on our personal histories or levels of experience. We arrive free of expectations or agendas, and we raise no politics, promotions, or announcements. No one talks over, or questions, another, and the only requirement is that everyone introduces oneself if possible. Whatever happens was meant to be.

March 28th's circle is part of a curating process for our next "stage" show to be aired live, set for May 30th. This is not all about "show" however. We seek any and all heartfelt contributions. If you'd like to be involved in that, please make sure you share in either the March 28 or April 25th zoom circle, and then email a paragraph about it to connect@soundfalls.org by May 11. It does not have to be an original, but it does have to be something you love. Tell us why it matters to you. Maybe it just helped you get through winter? Maybe it's about struggle, courage, hope, or adventure? Or maybe it's a new way of looking at our common experiences?

Into the Light!

Saturday, March 28, 7-9:30 pm

On Zoom!
Free admission

Has the rainy winter given you time to learn a new song or story, or simply given you the need to connect with others in a new way? Let us help you bring all of this out and into the light of each other's shining faces! Soundfalls offers the connection many of us are hungry for. Bring a song or story out of winter's hibernation and into the light of each other's shining faces! Or just say hello, and tell us how you are doing.

Featuring your longtime Soundfalls hosts, Byron Ricks and Maren Van Nostrand, and special guest host on the zoom switchboard, Blair Fillingham! 

*NOTE: This is the same event that was originally scheduled to take place at the Carnation Tree Farm. 

Zoom registration needed to attend. Follow these steps:
1) Click this link: https://zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_SHvTbETESSa0Ba2zY6l95w
2) You'll receive an email with an access link. Remember to SAVE the link.
3) On March 28th, use this access link from the email to join BEFORE the event begins.

If you've registered, then you can email us in advance to reserve a special sharing spot. Otherwise, you can wait and see how much time allows as we go round "the circle": connect@soundfalls.org

Children are encouraged to attend, and better yet, to participate. If you have the chance to prepare something with a young one, then please, please, share it! The event will be recorded but not aired live.

Need more info?
or: https://www.soundfalls.org

High Five!

Saturday, April 25, 7-9:30 pm

On Zoom!
...more details soon

This event will be in circle format (read description at top of page), with the option to take to the stage at the head of the room. Every person will be invited to share, and each person who does will get an applause, high five, or whatever type of kudos is preferred.

Soundfalls Show!

Saturday, May 30th, 7-9:30 pm

On Zoom!
...more details soon

This show will be the culmination of the circles, featuring those who have gathered up steam and created well-blended themes. We'll have humorous moments, stories, and music to warm your hearts and awaken your soul!