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Many Hands and Hosts are Making Carnation's First Annual Arbor Day a Reality! April 29th, 2023

Updated: Apr 19, 2023

Trees, trees, everywhere!...and lots of fun for all ages...ALL FREE! Join us on Saturday, April 29th,10-2, 2023, for Carnation's First Annual Arbor Day Celebration at Tolt MacDonald Park! Trees will be given away to the first 200+ people!

Many organizations,* businesses,* families, and individuals have joined together to make this happen, all beginning months ago with Carnation's Arbor Day Planning Committee, photographed here: Jules Hughes, Nikki Wilmore (and daughter), Maren Van Nostrand (me), Patrick Willse, Victoria Klyce and Jenn Dean. (Not in photo are Shirley Doolittle, Brian Bodenbach, Toby Maloy, Emily Nelson, and the various children from these families: Juniper, Douglas, Arrow, June, and Aleah!) It's been an absolute joy to work steadily alongside these incredible people to make this celebration a reality! A special thank you to Stacy Powell for designing our poster!

Great activities are planned: a scavenger hunt with Nikki Wilmore (10am), a welcome from one of our favorite humorists, Jenn Dean (11am), a tree-trimming demonstration with John Lewis (11:30am), crafts of all kinds, and at 1:30 pm, a parade to the site for the planting of a Cascara, a highly adaptable, native, flowering tree with purple fruit. Three musicians very familiar to Soundfalls' audiences will perform solos at various times throughout the day: Todd Powell (10:00 am), Pat Brougham (12:15 pm), and Raleigh Wilson (1:00 pm). You'll also likely recognize the wise herbalist, EagleSong Gardener (12:00 pm)! We are grateful to all for volunteering their precious time on this day!

To learn more about the event, and its many collaborators, click HERE.

*Sponsors: Livable Carnation, Soundfalls, Nelson Treehouse, Carnation Farmer’s Market, Carnation Chamber of Commerce, Lee Arts Foundation, King County Library System, The Tadpole Haven Native Plants, Lewis Pruning Services, Gaia Gardens, March of the Vegetables, Sandy's Espresso, Sacred Dwelling LLC, Carnation Tree Farm, EagleSong Gardener, Todd Powell, Pat Brougham, and Raleigh Wilson.

We hope to see you there! Questions? Just let me know!

~ Maren Van Nostrand,

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