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Updated: Feb 22, 2023

Since last October, Soundfalls has held three wonderful circle gatherings, which I am super excited to tell you about here. But first, please know that you and your friends/family are welcome to our next gathering, “Circle of Illumination,” to be held on Sunday, March 12th, 4-6pm. No previous circle, song, story or Soundfalls experience is needed.

To attend, register here.

Our gatherings have been flourishing, enriched by a refreshingly diverse assortment of people from various backgrounds and traditions bringing wonderful surprises that are marvelously unique and memorable! Although there is some structure (including tea and snacks for 15 minutes before we begin, sitting in a circle, and roughly 5-10 minutes for each person’s sharing), and there are some guidelines (which we review at the beginning)! More details about the location and venue are in the registration link.

To give you an idea of the marvelous moments happening, we were blessed to have Jenn Carter inch us to the edges of our seats with a gripping Grimms’ fairy tale, and boggle our minds with a cut-and-tell story-song called, “Something from Nothing.” Melanie Reeves enchanted us with sounds from her hand pan and mouth harp. Kylee Geis stretched our hearts with lovely poetry, and turned us into a little band by handing out musical whirly tubes. Pamela Matheus sang a song blessing for another participant, and also improved a vocal jazz ditty inviting others to join in. Pat Brougham relaxed us all with his well-seasoned voice and steel guitar, including an arrangement of “Will the Circle Be Unbroken.” Raleigh Wilson amazed us with a few of his own vocal guitar compositions. Stef Frenzel gave us all goosebumps by beautifully improvising his own spirit-song. Michael LaFond impressed us with a reading from his new book, Social-Ecological Cooperative Housing. Bryan Baker inspired many of us to join him on a melodic Buddhist chant. Kimberly Gallagher reminded us of the beauty of passionate writing with “I Want to be Alive with You.” Xan Blackburn lit us up with the joyful imagery she experiences every day walking into her art studio. Chris Denchfield soulfully accompanied others on his hand drum. Jeannine Luce and I sang “I Believe in Music” as she skillfully accompanied us on her ukulele. Many others chose to speak from the heart, describing more personal things, like a profound moment when feeling a deep connection to God at a sacred location in Scotland; while holding up a photo, the joys and sorrows of one's son; a pilgrimage to Crete for immersion in Wicca; and a difficult journey through motherhood, and into sobriety.

The Circle process is egalitarian and illuminating, everyone both a participant and leader, directly and equally connected to the circle with equal opportunity to share. Whatever’s on your mind, we take joy in listening, illuminating, and reflecting! Through the simple act of showing up and being “as you are” (without pretense) personality and uniqueness are illuminated.

We hope to see you at “Circle of Illumination,” on Sunday, March 12th, 4-6pm. All are welcome!

Please register in advance here. (Notice senior and student rates).

If you’d like to learn more, please contact me at

~ Maren Van Nostrand

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