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  • Maren Van Nostrand

The Most Beauty Captured in the Quietest Ways

Updated: Aug 24, 2020

Almost everyone can attest that projects wouldn't happen if there weren't a few key people contributing behind the scene. They are often quiet people who carry on without a spotlight. They are involved because they are focused on an art form, and love what they do. Often in their own introverted way, they'll delight in subtly lifting up other up people, like taking photos and providing gentle encouragement.

This describes Janice Van Dyke. She's been a part of so many Soundfalls events, providing subtle support toward the end goal without demand for attention. She's helped set up the sound system for shows, taken photos of performers, participants, and the whole scene, and contributed by harmonizing or playing bass. At the May, 2020, Virtual Soundfalls Show, we decided it was time to feature the artist that is Janice, along with her outstanding nature photography.

Janice tells it her way:

I’m sure my love of nature is obvious from the images I choose to photograph. But the actual experience of the natural world holds a beauty that is more than a two dimensional picture can replicate. The advent of digital cameras and the ability to edit them with a computer changed how I approach photography. I struggled (and still struggle) with the technology, but have been driven to learn how to use it because I love what it allows me to do. It lets me come closer to presenting an image that captures the feeling I had when I was actually there. Sometimes that means bringing great clarity and realism to a picture. Other times, I try to emphasize an ethereal feeling through a more fantastical interpretation.

Spending time in nature to find images that I like, and then more time working with them in the computer, is a source of happiness for me. I hope to share a bit of that joy with you, through these pictures.

I hope you enjoy these photos, just a few from her massive collection. Let me know if you'd like to see more!

~ Maren Van Nostrand

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